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"I have to go.” 


People are being so annoying. This show is a spin off of BMW. We are in 2014. the world runs a bit differently. Stop complaining about things we can’t control. I’m sure Ben and Danielle wouldn’t have done it if the show wasn’t in good hands. We also can’t go in expecting all these answers and guest stars and stuff because GUESS WHAT this is sort of a clean slate. Like yes BMW fans watch it but this isn’t a continuation PER SE it’s a new generation. So stfu and enjoy what’s new!



Treat her well,

                        buy her flowers,                                 

clean the dishes,

                                a n d  g i v e  h e r  a  l o t  o f  l i t t l e  h u g s


Colin’s love advice to Hook [x]


Zachary Levi talking about Missy. I didn’t see it posted here but its super cute and the way he says “And she’s Canadian” is hilarious.

Felicity Smoak in Arrow season 2

Missy Peregrym participates in Nerd HQ’s Badass Woman Panel (X)


"Here comes the smoulder." (x)

Stephen Amell creates a new word

he’s her story

he’s her reward

yup, I’m good in the OTP department


I get emotional about Zissy a lot.

Cause Missy fans are watching Chuck and Zac fans are watching Rookie Blue

Because we love these married nerds, and support their adorableness.

And that’s pretty sweet in my books.

These dreams and goals are really working out.