So happy we got to see Sven in the latest OUAT promo.

Yes that’s what I’m most excited about. :P


After all the CS spoilers and the like, I’m really happy that the Rumbelle fandom has something to get excited about. They don’t usually get much so this dance is huge for them.


Like I really really really don’t want Courtney to win master chef.

I completely agree! I can’t stand her and get upset when she keeps winning challenges.

Elizabeth should win, with Christian runner up.

"Possibly the loudest reaction from viewers in the finale will take place in a moment of complete silence."
Stephen Amell, before Unthinkable (via ah-maa-zing)


#FanExpoCan with Stephen Amell 

Question: “Is there anything you’d like to see Oliver do that he hasn’t done yet?”

*Scream* "Felicity"

Stephen smiles and blushes.

SA: “There are children here. Um, ok, other than that…”